Tower Bank’s strategic direction is predicated on two long term trends...

The report describes how we do business, actions we've taken to address recent challenges and what we are doing to improve. The company has operations worldwide and is a leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers and small businesses, commercial banking, financial transaction processing and asset management.

  • INVESTING IN TOWER CAPITAL - Management is positive that the Bank will achieve its growth aspirations through a sustained sharp focus on its strategic priorities. Operating efficiency remains at the heart of our decisions and we will continue to focus on effective execution of our strategy and on delivering value to our shareholders.
  • Our Strategy - Over the next 5 years, Tower Capital Bank aspires to be the #1 in Cayman, with a strong global franchise and a universal payment gateway, solidified by a robust capital base and best-practice governance structures. This is in addition to its vision to be the world’s most respected Caribbean Bank. The strategy is built on six(6) elements:.
  • Retail Banking and Wholesale Bank Consolidation - Tower Capital Bank aims to dominate the rising middle-income segment by offering seamless Omni channel experience and unparalleled customer service, including leveraging the franchise to offer unique cross-border products and accounts. In addition, the upper middle-class segment will provide a core banking base and generate attractive per-client-revenue. The Bank will also implement branch optimization and expansion into unpenetrated regions.

    Our intent is also to drive the consolidation of our leadership in domestic wholesale banking, with the belief that a focus on corporate clients is an expedient and cost-efficient strategy in the short to medium term. Through its team of relationship managers, Tower Capital Bank believes that it has the requisite skills as well as the product expertise to address the specific needs of this distinct customer segment. .
  • Digital Led - Tower Capital Bank believes that it can become a leading digital banking brand and that digital banking is a key driver of innovation in today's financial services industry. The bank recognizes that establishing a strong digital culture across all experiences for customers and employees will enhance Tower Capital to the targeted markets and segments. Digital channels are attractive to the retail segment, as such, the Bank will leverage the opportunity using its targeted, self-service digital portfolio and robust data analytics capabilities and models to drive business using case studies..
  • Customer Focused - We recognise that our customers are at the heart of our business model, and in addition to delivering excellent customer service, we should enable customers to achieve financial inclusion and assist them with understanding our products and services. The Group will redirect its business to focus on long-term relationships, adding value and giving individuals the power of banking by working with companies, growing their business and empowering their employees, suppliers and distributors. The Bank will also ensure that its organizational structure, staffing and support model and teams evolve to reflect its focus on the customer..
  • Analytics driven insights and robust risk management - The Group aims to remain the industry leader in Risk Management, prioritising credit, market, operational and compliance risk to support its goal and digitising key processes within the risk value chain..
  • Global Collaboration - Tower Capital Bank will pursue a deliberate and structured international expansion that will focus on the business’ overall strategic objectives as well as strong collaborations. We will establish global Centres of Excellence (COE) including a digital factory, analytics and commodities COE and a training centre in key operational regions..
  • Universal Payments Gateway - The Bank seeks to build the best- in- class payments gateway and position itself as a payments leader. Our international businesses will be hinged on a universal payments gateway powered by technology and a strong network of relationships across operating countries, with an ecosystem of local and international partnerships that will service global payments and remittances. Our goal is to play a significant role in bridging the gap between cross-border and domestic transfers across all business segments and payments flows in current and potential countries of operations..


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